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Beauty and Skin CareUnderstand the Science of Skin

Understand the Science of Skin

Who doesn’t like beauty, if you also want to be loved by your circle of friends, then understand the science of skin. Make sure to use quality cosmetics for makeup. At the same time, according to your skin and color makeup, the use of hydrogen and chemicals is less.

What is skin science?

Skin is also known as the active tissue of the human body, which exhibits elasticity and serves to protect the more sensitive tissues from harmful microbes, chemicals, and strong rays of light. Know that our skin is our protector. The outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis. The epidermis regularly sloughs off dead cells to allow new cells to grow, while the deeper layer, called the “subcutis,” stores fat to protect against injury, falls, or other injuries. In case of an accident, it protects the muscles and bones like a cushion. If you look closely at yourself in the mirror, you will see very fine pores, we call them pores. The epidermis is one of these 50 million pores. Our hair grows from the epidermis and comes out from the follicles, you can also call them skin roots. These organs called glands live in the root of each hair, some of which secrete sweat from the body to keep the body cool. Through these pores, dust, dirt, dust, and fine germs enter the body and make us sick, so know your skin as a protector of health. Understand the science of the skin and use cosmetics according to your dry, oily, and dull skin as per the doctor’s advice. Adopt a daily bath habit to wash away the tiredness and dust of the day. The skin protects you, so you need to take care of it.

Cosmetic chemicals beneficial to the skin

Before using quality cosmetics for makeup, check the reputation of the company that manufactures them. Also, read the ingredients of the products and see if these cosmetics are good for your skin or not. There are about 12,500 unique ingredients and chemicals used in the manufacture of cosmetics today, which not only make the face, hands, and body beautiful. However, the vitamins extracted from the fruits and vegetables present in them are also effective for the inner protection of the skin. The most important chemical among them is “Parabens”, which belongs to this class of chemicals, whose ingredients are included in food, treatment, and cosmetics products.
A recent study by Dr. Philippa Dar Bray of the University of Reading in the UK found that cosmetics made with chemicals called parabens reduce the risk of breast cancer. 18 out of 20 tissues are associated with cancer, which parabens are magically effective in preventing. Another important chemical is aluminum, which is used in deodorants, etc. It is also directly related to cancer prevention. This chemical prevents the build-up of toxins in the lymph glands by reducing sweating and protects the skin from toxic effects. Apart from protecting against breast cancer, this chemical also provides relief from Alzheimer’s disease. Use cosmetics products made with this chemical only on the advice of your nearest physician.
The third important chemical triclosan (Triclosan) is also anti-carcinogenic in recent research by American medical researchers, which is used in deodorants, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, and common household cleaning products. In some cases, it is also used as a disinfectant spray. The fourth chemical is formaldehyde, an organic compound whose multi-purpose use makes it very popular in the manufacture of cosmetics. It is found in home cleaning products, plastics, personal care products, and food. Cosmetics made from it relieve the body from the effects of decay and the risk of cancer. Phthalates are the fifth chemical group, which is used in nail polish, hair spray, and perfumes. Women who use beauty and care products made with this chemical are protected from the risk of diabetes type 2. Not only this, but it also keeps the balance of hormones correct.

Use of lipstick, base, and foundation

A beautiful and healthy face is a great blessing of God, which you have to take care of. So, while using lipstick, base, and foundation, be sure that these products contain the above-mentioned chemicals or not. However, it is best to consult your physician before using any cosmetics.

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