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WorldWhy Thanksgiving on Thursdays solely and what's Blackout Wednesday?

Why Thanksgiving on Thursdays solely and what’s Blackout Wednesday?

Thanksgiving 2023: Days surrounding it have additionally taken on particular significance and Drinksgiving is one in all them

US President Joe Biden serves meals to service members and their households throughout a “Friendsgiving” occasion forward of the Thanksgiving vacation at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S., November 19.—Reuters

Whereas many holidays have mounted dates, Thanksgiving stands out by all the time occurring on the identical day of the week, albeit with a various date. 

This custom dates again to 1941 when a decision was handed, establishing the fourth Thursday of November because the official Thanksgiving day, making certain a constant Christmas buying season throughout five-Thursday Novembers.

Why Thursday, although? Traditionally, Thursday was chosen because it aligned with the comfort of early Puritan settlers. Sunday, being the Sabbath, was not appropriate for feasts, and Fridays had been designated for fasting, making them inconvenient as nicely. 

With Thursday rising as a day when ministers typically gave lectures in New England, it turned a sensible alternative for Thanksgiving, evolving into a practice through the years.

Blackout Wednesday

The times surrounding Thanksgiving have additionally taken on particular significance. Thanksgiving Eve, or “drinksgiving,” has turn out to be a extensively celebrated event, marking the start of a four-day weekend for a lot of Individuals. It serves as a day to collect with buddies earlier than spending time with household.

As for the Friday after Thanksgiving, the notorious Black Friday historically launches the vacation buying season with huge offers. Whereas Black Friday stays common, offers now lengthen days to weeks earlier than and after the official day. Moreover, Cyber Monday, occurring the Monday after Thanksgiving, presents web shoppers unique offers.


Past household gatherings, “Friendsgiving” has gained reputation. This Thanksgiving celebration with buddies has no set date, permitting buddies to coordinate schedules for a day of shared drinks and eating.

In essence, the Thursday custom of Thanksgiving has deep historic roots, formed by concerns of comfort and the necessity for a constant buying season. 

The times surrounding Thanksgiving have developed into distinctive celebrations, mixing custom with trendy festivities.

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